DriveGain is an iPhone application that helps you save fuel while you are driving.

As you drive the application gives you visual and audio feedback on what changes you can make to your driving style to help you save more fuel.

The basic free app gives you for each journey:

  • A Journey Score out of 100 which tells you how efficiently you have driven
  • A reading for your fuel economy (in MPG, l/100km etc)

How much will I save?

You can save around £170 / €180 / $210 a year on fuel.

This assumes average mileage and adoption of fuel efficient driving style.

For a full list of savings for each country, and information on how we calculate these savings learn more here.

Application Upgrades

Five upgrades are available within the application. These upgrades add extra functionality such as showing the cost of the current journey or giving you feedback on how to save more fuel.

Learn more here.

What about safety?

We have worked with one of the world's leading experts in driver safety to make sure DriveGain is as safe to use while driving as possible.

Learn more here.

What vehicles are supported?

DriveGain supports all standard automatic and manual (stick-shift) cars, that use either petrol (gasoline) or diesel.

Learn more here.

The DriveGain website

The website allows you to track your fuel savings over time.

Optionally, you can complete with friends and colleagues for the best weekly journey score.

Learn more here.

What phones are supported?

The iPhone 3G, 3GS and 4 are fully supported.

The iPod Touch is supported if you have a GPS adaptor.

The application will run on the iPad (Wi-Fi + 3G model) although we don't recommend this.

Learn more here.