Phones Supported

The following phones are supported

  • The iPhone 3G, 3GS and 4 are fully supported.
  • The iPod Touch is supported if you have a GPS adaptor such as the TomTom Car Kit for iPod Touch - see below for more information.
  • The iPad (Wi-Fi + 3G model) is supported - running as an iPhone application.

Although DriveGain does run on the iPad we don't recommend using it to run the application. The iPad is too big to be safely mounted on the windscreen meaning you will have to look further away from the road which is not safe. We would definitely suggest using an iPhone or iPod Touch instead if you have one.

Using DriveGain with iPod Touch

If you have an iPod Touch you will need a GPS capable holder such as the TomTom Car Kit to use the application. This is because the iPod Touch has no built-in GPS reciever so an external one is required. Since you also need a proper car mount to use the application anyway, a car kit like the TomTom is the best solution:

  • The GPS receiver in the TomTom Car Kit is very accurate
  • The Car Kit has a more powerful speaker that makes audio feedback given by the DriveGain application easier to hear
  • Your iPod Touch will be powered and thus there is no issue of the battery running down
  • You will now also be able to use other iPhone navigation applications as well

The TomTom Car Kit is available on Amazon: