Very Important - Using DriveGain Safely

Please use this application with caution.

Do not attempt to change settings on the device while vehicle is in motion.

Do not become distracted by the device - only check the display when it is safe to do so.

Use common sense when following advice from the application:

  • It is dependent on GPS data that can occasionally be corrupted by tall buildings or trees
  • It cannot see the road conditions ahead, or know if you're planning to change speed - so always trust your own judgment if you are not comfortable with the guidance that is provided
  • Do not change gear if you do not think it is safe to do so

Application Design

We have worked with one of the world's leading experts in driver safety to make sure DriveGain is as safe to use while driving as possible. Here are some of the safety features:

  • Just like most well designed SatNav's, the visual feedback has been carefully designed so that information can be seen in a brief glance, when the driver decides it is safe to do so
  • For the Fuel Savings meters where more feedback is being given to the driver the application has been designed to be used primarily with its audio feedback
  • By default you cannot change any settings on the application while the vehicle is in motion (you can disable this in the Settings if you choose to do so)

Car Mounting Kits

We strongly recommend using a specialist iPhone car cradle or hands-free kit to mount your iPhone or iPod Touch in your car:

  • A poorly fixed device can compromise road safety if it works its way loose when the vehicle is moving
  • It is important that the iPhone is mounted such that that the driver does not need to move their eyes far away from looking at the road
  • A good mounting kit will place the iPhone underneath the windscreen where there is better GPS reception
  • In some countries (such as the UK) it is legal requirement that any phone be fixed in a mount when driving