The DriveGain Website

The DriveGain application can be set to upload journey data to this website.

Uploading this data allows you to:

  • Track how well you are reducing your fuel consumption
  • See where you are wasting the most fuel
  • Compete with friends and colleagues for the best weekly Journey Score

Sign Up - It's Free!

Create an account and then set your application to upload data to the website:

  • Press the More button on the main driving screen
  • Choose the Website Settings option
  • Sign in to your account using the username you have just created

Or you can create your website account from the application itself, in Website Settings.

Track Your Progress

The website gives you graphs of your progress over the last few months:

  • Your Journey Scores
  • Your fuel economy (MPG, l/100km etc)
  • How much CO2 you are emitting

Reduce Your Fuel Consumption

The website can analyse your journeys over the last few months to show you:

  • What the effect of reducing your speed would have had on your journey costs - and what the effect on the journey time would have been.
  • How much fuel you are using by accelerating, braking and travelling at high speeds


You can set up groups of friends and colleagues. The website then calculates your best Journey Score each week and ranks the users in each group into order.

There are also groups for each country and a group for all users - so one week you might end up being the most efficient driver in your country, or even the world!

You can choose to share your best weekly chart position on Twitter or Facebook so others can follow your progress.